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Earnings Calculator

Acknowledging dental nurses professionalism, skills and commitment

How much will I earn?

Earn great money on your terms. Make as much as £180 a day

General Nursing: £20.00 per hour
Specialist Nurse: £22.50 per hour

Weekends and Bank Holidays Pay
General Nursing £30.00 per hour
Specialist Nurse £32.50 per hour

To see a full breakdown of your earnings and costs, try our pay calculator:

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What are the benefits?

  • Fairnurse believes dental nurses should receive all the money they earn, rather than their agencies taking a huge slice
  • Get paid what you deserve, and for your remuneration to be proportionate to that of dentists and hygienists
  • Get rated for your work and start to earn some recognition amongst the dental community
  • Work when you want and begin enjoying a work/life balance
  • There are no fines for poaching. At Fairnurse we are all about keeping things simple. If a dental practice falls in love with you and offers you a job, then we are happy for you

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